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Cayenne Market (004)
Cayenne Market (004)

French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France on the north Atlantic coast of South America. It borders Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west. Its 83,534 km² area has a very low population density of less than 3 inhabitants per km², with half of its 239,450 people in 2012 living in the metropolitan area of Cayenne, its capital. By land area, it is by far the largest overseas region of France. A large part of the department’s economy derives from the presence of the Guiana Space Centre (Centre Spatial Guyanais), now the European Space Agency’s primary launch site near the equator.

List of sights


Annamite Prison



Camp Caiman


Dam Petit Saut

Diamond Fortification

Engraved Rocks of Carapa

Engraved Rocks of Mahury

Favard Mountain

Fourgassié Falls

French Guiana Zoo

Gabriel Creek

Guiana Space Centre

Iles du Salut


Island of the Grand Constable

Islet la Mère

Kaw Swamp


Kourou River

La Mirande Trail

Loyola Trail


Monkey Mountain

Montsinéry - Tonnegrande

Paul Isnard Track

Pripri de Yiyi

Rorota Trail

Saint Jean du Maroni

Salines de Montjoly

Tresor Trail

Trou Poissons - Cemetery of the Fathers