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Islet la Mère (1626)
Islet la Mère (1626)
4° 53′ 22″ N, 52° 11′ 7″ W

The Islets of Rémire are a small archipelago of four islands off the town of Rémire-Montjoly (La Mère, Le Père, Le Malingre, Les Mamelles (two islets)). The Islet of the Enfant Perdu, which is a little further upstream, is generally added to them. They depend administratively to the municipality of Cayenne (except the Islet of the Enfant Perdu that depends to Macouria). The only island to be settled is the Islet La Mère who had been cleared for the installation of a farmhouse and a prison. The presence of many remains attest to that time: wells, platforms, tower, walls and some roads. A lighthouse is present on the Islet of the Enfant Perdu.


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