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Melfi (011)
Melfi (011)
40° 59′ 54″ N, 15° 39′ 13″ E

Melfi is a town in the Vulture area of the province of Potenza, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. The Castle, dominating the whole town was probably constructed ex novo by the Normans (11th century), as no traces of pre-existing Byzantine or Lombard’s edifices have been found. Originally, it was probably a simple rectangle with square towers, with further towers defending the main gate. One of the main internal buildings was later (16th-18th centuries) turned into a baronial palace by enclosing the walls between the towers within new walls. Under the Angevine rule a new section was added, one the slope descending to the Melfia stream, with several construction rising at different altitudes. The Castle was chosen by King Charles I’s wife, Beatrice of Provence, as her residence. The Aragon Kings gave it to the Caracciolo dynasty of the Caracciolo Candida family lineage (descendants of the House of Candia and the Caracciolo House), who rebuilt the side facing the city and dug a moat. Later it was a possession of the powerful House of Doria.


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