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Santa Catalina (126)
Santa Catalina (126)
16° 23′ 54″ S, 71° 32′ 12″ W

Located in the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 2,380 m above sea level and close to the volcano El Misti, Arequipa is the capital of the Arequipa Region in southern Peru and is the second most populous city of the country. The colonial Spanish buildings built of sillar, a white volcanic rock, gave the city its name La Ciudad Blanca (“The White City”).

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Main Sights

  • Santa Catalina Monastery: Founded in 1580 the Convent, in which nuns are still living, is a walled small city with narrow streets, passages, stair cases and small squares. This city in miniature was closed to the public until 1970, combines the white colour of the sillar with other tonalities, like ochre, indigo and orange.
  • Iglesia de la Compania: This 17th century cloister built by the Jesuits in the purest Mestizo Arequipa style, has an impressive carved façade that was finished in 1698. Its sacristy, called the Sistine Chapel of Arequipa, was the fruit of the work of anonymous indigenous artists.


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