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Montefiascone (028)
Montefiascone (028)

42° 32′ 27″ N, 12° 2′ 8″ O

Montefiascone is perched on the edge of a hill south-east of Lake Bolsena. The name of the city derives from that of the Falisci (Mons Faliscorum, “Mountain of the Falisci”). Later, it was controlled by the Etruscans. The first documents mentioning Montefiascone are from 853, when it belonged to the bishop of Tuscania. In 1058 and 1074 the Popes Stephen IX and Gregory VII, respectively, stopped here. In 1093 the fortress was besieged by Emperor Henry IV. In the following two centuries, as a Papal possession, Montefiascone lived its period of highest splendour. The Castle was often residence of Popes, and was consequently enlarged and embellished. During Avignon Papacy, it was the main residence of the Papal legate Cardinal Albornoz.

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Main sights

  • Santa Margherita: The cathedral was built in 1519 by Michele Sanmicheli. Its dome, created in 1647 by Carlo Fontana, is second in size to St Peter’s.
  • San Flaviano: The church is a curious double decker building with a 12th century church oriented east over an 11th century church pointing west. In its interior some 14th century frescoes were discovered in 1896.


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