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Pripri de Yiyi (1972)
Pripri de Yiyi (1972)

Koordinaten: 5° 25′ 22″ N, 53° 3′ 1″ W

The great Pripri de Yiyi is located on the municipalities of Sinnamary and Iracoubo, and covers about 15 000 ha. This ecosystem occupies a central position between two other large Guyanese marshes, Plain of Kaw at the east and Savane Sarcelle at the west. This site presents a diverse and representative of wetlands encountered in French Guiana: open water (ponds), gallery forests, flood savannahs, marshes, swamps and mangroves. In addition to the emerging forest islands, thePripri Yiyi is formed by free zones and by floating meadows, locally called “tremblants”. All these areas have a common bond: they are powered by water from the Yiyi creek. The name of the Yiyi comes from the Creole family Sophie. In the nineteenth century, Sylvain Sophie’s great-great-grandfather Albert Sophie living in Trou Poisson moved on the upstream of the Garré creek. The diminutive of his name, Yiyi, will remain attached to the swamp.


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