Ángel de la Paz (Múnich) Arte urbano

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Air Born (Christopher Klein)Ángel de la Paz (Múnich) Arte urbanoMúnichArabellapark


Ángel de la Paz (Múnich) (074) Arte urbano
Ángel de la Paz (Múnich) (074)Arte urbano
48° 8′ 29″ N, 11° 35′ 46″ E

The Street Art Gallery under the Luitpold Bridge, not far from Friedensengel, is a highlight on the Isar. The pedestrian underpass can be entered from different sides, partly by stairs.

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The Peace Memorial (Friedensengel or “Angel of Peace”) in the borough of Bogenhausen in Munich is a monument commemorating the 25th anniversary of the peace settlement after the end of the Franco-Prussian War between 1870 and 1871. The monument stands on the Prinzregent-Luitpold terrace and is part of a decorative complex in the style of historicism. The entire complex is located in the middle of the Maximilians complex and is point de vue at the eastern end of the Prinzregentenstraße which forms a visual axis.


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