Metropolitana (Monaco di Baviera) (39) Grosshadern

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6: Eystrahorn4 foto

Eystrahorn (91)

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Part of the Krossanesfjall is the famous rock outcrop Eystrahorn (also called Austurhorn), on the other side of the wide bay of Lón the Vestrahorn (757 m). The Eystrahorn is also called Hvalnesfjall, because of the now abandoned farm Hvalnes at his… [Per saperne di più]

9: Walhalla106 foto

Walhalla (38)
WalhallaBaviera - Germania

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The Walhalla is a hall of fame that honours laudable and distinguished people, famous personalities in German history - politicians, sovereigns, scientists and artists of the German tongue. The hall is housed in a neo-classical building above the … [Per saperne di più]

18: Meteora110 foto

Meteora (1451)

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The Metéora (Μετέωρα), lit. “middle of the sky”, “suspended in the air” or “in the heavens above”, is one of the largest and most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. The monasteries are built on… [Per saperne di più]

22: Eibsee32 foto

Eibsee (172) Zugspitze
EibseeBaviera - Germania

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The Eibsee is a lake 9 km southwest of Garmisch-Partenkirchen below (3.5 km north) of the Zugspitze (2,962 m) in the Wetterstein mountains in Bavaria. In the northeast is the 4.8 ha and 26 m deep Untersee separated almost completely by a 50 m wide… [Per saperne di più]

23: Patmo211 foto

Patmo (309) Monastero di San Giovanni il Teologo

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Patmos (Πάτμος) is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, one of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese complex. The highest point is Profitis Ilias, 269 m above sea level. Patmos’ main communities are Chora (the capital city), and Skala (the… [Per saperne di più]

32: Deeg49 foto

Deeg (168) Palazzo di Deeg (Jal Mahal)

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Deeg Palace, built in 1772, is situated near Bharatpur in Rajasthan. Deeg was the first capital of the newly carved out Jat State of Bharatpur, when Badan Singh was proclaimed its ruler in 1722. In 1730, the Maharaja Suraj Mal erected the strong… [Per saperne di più]

33: Maria Gern14 foto

Maria Gern (75)
Maria GernBaviera - Germania

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Maria Gern is located north of Berchtesgaden in the valley and on the slopes of the creek Gerner (also called Gererbach or Anzenbach), a tributary of the Berchtesgadener Ache. The area is bounded on the west by the Rauhenkopf, in the east of the … [Per saperne di più]

34: Ammersee51 foto

Ammersee (398) Inning am Ammersee
AmmerseeBaviera - Germania

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The Ammersee is after Chiemsee and Lake Starnberg the third largest lake in Bavaria (under the lakes, which lie exclusively in Bavaria) and reaching the farthest north alpine lake. The lake is owned by the Free State of Bavaria, the Bavarian[Per saperne di più]

43: Abensberg44 foto

Abensberg (91) Torre Hundertwasser
AbensbergBaviera - Germania

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Abensberg is a town in the Lower Bavarian district of Kelheim, lying around 30 km south-west of Regensburg, 40 km east of Ingolstadt, 50 km north-west of Landshut and 100 km north of Munich. It is situated on the Abens River, a tributary of the … [Per saperne di più]

44: Altötting94 foto

Altötting (41) Collegiata di San Filippo e San Giacomo
AltöttingBaviera - Germania

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Altötting is the county seat of the district of the same name in the administrative district of the Upper Bavaria and is located about 90 km east of Munich. The city experiences national importance as a place of pilgrimage with the Chapel of Grace (… [Per saperne di più]

47: Caienna43 foto

Mercato di Caienna (15)
CaiennaGuyana Francese - Francia

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Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. The city is located on the banks of the estuary of the Cayenne River on the Atlantic Ocean and occupies part of the Ile de Cayenne. It is… [Per saperne di più]

52: Delfi51 foto

Delfi (395) Tholos presso santuario di Athena Pronaia

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Delphi (Δελφοί) is an archaeological site on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis. In myths dating to the classical period of Ancient Greece (510-323 BC), the site of Delphi was believed to be determined by Zeus when he… [Per saperne di più]

55: Kochelsee15 foto

Kochelsee (5) Schlehdorf am Kochelsee - Herzogstand - Heimgarten
KochelseeBaviera - Germania

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The Kochelsee (Lake Kochel) is located 70 km south of Munich on the edge of the Bavarian Alps. It belongs to the communities Schlehdorf in the west and Kochel am See in the east. While the southern part of the lake is surrounded by mountains, the… [Per saperne di più]

56: Padula123 foto

Certosa di Padula (66)
PadulaCampania - Italia

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The monastery of Padula (Certosa di Padula / Certosa di San Lorenzo), founded by Tommaso San Severino in 1306, constitutes the second largest Chartreuse in Italy after the one in Parma and is dedicated to St Lawrence. Besides its 320 rooms and… [Per saperne di più]

59: Cacao83 foto

Cacao (219) Mercato di Cacao
CacaoGuyana Francese - Francia

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Cacao is a town in French Guiana, lying on the Comte River to the south of Cayenne. Most of the town’s population are Hmong farmers, refugees from Laos, who were resettled in French Guiana in the 1970s. There is a Sunday morning market at which … [Per saperne di più]

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