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Metropolitana (Monaco di Baviera)82 foto

Santuario di Wies47 foto

Santuario di Wies (019)
Santuario di Wies (019)

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The Wies Church (Wieskirche) is a magnificently decorated Sanctuary belonging to the district of Wies in the municipality Steingaden. The full name of the Wieskirche is Sanctuary on the Meadow of the Scourged Saviour (Wallfahrtskirche zum… [Per saperne di più]

Eystrahorn4 foto

Eystrahorn (091)
Eystrahorn (091)

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Part of the Krossanesfjall is the famous rock outcrop Eystrahorn (also called Austurhorn), on the other side of the wide bay of Lón the Vestrahorn (757 m). The Eystrahorn is also called Hvalnesfjall, because of the now abandoned farm Hvalnes at his… [Per saperne di più]

Galleria Sciarra24 foto

Galleria Sciarra (146)
Galleria Sciarra (146)

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La Galleria Sciarra è un passaggio pedonale di Roma, situato tra Via Marco Minghetti, Vicolo Sciarra e Piazza dell’Oratorio, nel rione Trevi. Costruita come un cortile del Palazzo Sciarra Colonna di Carbognano, la galleria si compone di una zona… [Per saperne di più]

Abbazia di Weltenburg29 foto

Abbazia di Weltenburg (291)
Abbazia di Weltenburg (291)

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The St. George Church of the the Benedictine Monastery of Weltenburg on the Danube breakthrough in Kelheim in Bavaria is one of the most important religious buildings of the Baroque in Europe. The monastery church was built from 1716 to 1718 and… [Per saperne di più]

Gola di Höllental47 foto

Castello di Nymphenburg148 foto

Castello di Nymphenburg (0758) Palazzo
Castello di Nymphenburg (0758)Palazzo

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The Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss Nymphenburg) is a Baroque palace in Munich. The palace was the main summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria. The palace was commissioned by the prince-electoral couple Ferdinand Maria and Henriette Adelaide of… [Per saperne di più]

Residenza (Monaco di Baviera)105 foto

Residenza (Monaco di Baviera) (031) Antiquarium
Residenza (Monaco di Baviera) (031)Antiquarium

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The Munich Residence (Münchner Residenz) is the former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs of the House of Wittelsbach in the centre of the city of Munich. The Residenz is the largest city palace in Germany. The complex of buildings contains ten… [Per saperne di più]

Rothenburg ob der Tauber100 foto

Rothenburg ob der Tauber (0376) Plönlein
Rothenburg ob der Tauber (0376)Plönlein

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a town in the district of Ansbach, located in the Franconia region of Bavaria, well known for its well-preserved medieval old town on the Romantic Road. The name “Rothenburg ob der Tauber” means, in German, “Red fortress… [Per saperne di più]

Walhalla107 foto

Walhalla (038)
Walhalla (038)

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The Walhalla is a hall of fame that honours laudable and distinguished people, famous personalities in German history - politicians, sovereigns, scientists and artists of the German tongue. The hall is housed in a neo-classical building above the… [Per saperne di più]

Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg)226 foto

Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg) (057) Convertitore
Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg) (057)Convertitore

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The Maxhütte, named after the Bavarian King Maximilian II Joseph, was a traditional steel mill and is today an industrial monument in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. In its heyday, the Maxhütte employed over 9000 people. The company had branches in… [Per saperne di più]

Mattatoio (Monaco di Baviera) Arte di strada66 foto

Mattatoio (Monaco di Baviera) (321) Arte di strada
Mattatoio (Monaco di Baviera) (321)Arte di strada

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In Munich, there were two public slaughterhouses until 1878, one at the Färbergraben and one at the Viktualienmarkt. In the years 1876 to 1878, according to the plans of the city councilor Arnold Zenetti, the slaughter and cattle yard of Munich was… [Per saperne di più]

Patrica46 foto

Patrica (178)
Patrica (178)

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Patrica is a village in the Italian region Lazio, located about 70 km south-east of Rome and about 10 km south-west of Frosinone. It is part of Ciociaria, not far from the Monti Lepini. [Per saperne di più]

Lüftlmalerei208 foto

Oberammergau (471) Pilatushaus
Oberammergau (471)Pilatushaus

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Lüftlmalerei referred in particular in Upper Bavaria (Werdenfelser Land by Garmisch-Partenkirchen) and in Tirol to the native art form of facade painting. The Lüftlmalerei is a popular variant of the trompe l’oeil from the Baroque era, and imitates… [Per saperne di più]

Eibsee21 foto

Eibsee (172) Zugspitze
Eibsee (172)Zugspitze

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The Eibsee is a lake 9 km southwest of Garmisch-Partenkirchen below (3.5 km north) of the Zugspitze (2,962 m) in the Wetterstein mountains in Bavaria. In the northeast is the 4.8 ha and 26 m deep Untersee separated almost completely by a 50 m wide… [Per saperne di più]

Abbazia di Ottobeuren68 foto

Monastero di Ossios Loukas58 foto

Monastero di Ossios Loukas (246)
Monastero di Ossios Loukas (246)

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Hosios Loukas (Ὅσιος Λουκᾶς) is a historic walled monastery situated near the town of Distomo. It is one of the most important monuments of Middle Byzantine architecture and art, and has been listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, along with the… [Per saperne di più]

Gliptoteca (Monaco di Baviera)93 foto

Gliptoteca (Monaco di Baviera) (337)
Gliptoteca (Monaco di Baviera) (337)

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The Glyptothek is a museum in Munich, Germany, which was commissioned by the Bavarian King Ludwig I to house his collection of Greek and Roman sculptures. It was designed by Leo von Klenze in the neoclassical style, and built from 1816 to 1830.… [Per saperne di più]

Meteora110 foto

Meteora (1451)
Meteora (1451)

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The Metéora (Μετέωρα), lit. “middle of the sky”, “suspended in the air” or “in the heavens above”, is one of the largest and most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. The monasteries are built on… [Per saperne di più]

Natività di Maria (Rottenbuch)29 foto

Abbazia di Rottenbuch (085)
Abbazia di Rottenbuch (085)

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The former Augustinian Canons Church and current Roman Catholic parish church Nativity of Mary is a listed church building in Rottenbuch, in the district of Weilheim-Schongau in Bavaria. Soon after the founding of the monastery in 1073 began with… [Per saperne di più]

Patmo211 foto

Patmo (0309) Monastero di San Giovanni il Teologo
Patmo (0309)Monastero di San Giovanni il Teologo

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Patmos (Πάτμος) is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, one of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese complex. The highest point is Profitis Ilias, 269 m above sea level. Patmos’ main communities are Chora (the capital city), and Skala (the… [Per saperne di più]

Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst (Monaco di Baviera)110 foto

Castello di Neuschwanstein17 foto

Castello di Neuschwanstein (160)
Castello di Neuschwanstein (160)

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Neuschwanstein Castle stands above Hohenschwangau close to Füssen in southern Bavaria. The building was constructed in 1869 for the Bavarian King Ludwig II as an idealised notion of a knight’s castle from the Middle Age. The designs are by… [Per saperne di più]

Ospedale delle Bambole42 foto

Ospedale delle Bambole (209)
Ospedale delle Bambole (209)

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Il Restauri Artistici Squatriti, 29 Via Ripetta, all’angolo di Via del Vantaggio di Roma, conosciuto dai romani come l’«Ospedale delle Bambole», è il luogo dove Federico Squatrito e sua madre Gelsomina restaurano le bambole in difficoltà e altri… [Per saperne di più]

Museo Brandhorst29 foto

Museo Brandhorst (056)
Museo Brandhorst (056)

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The Museum Brandhorst was opened in Munich on May 21, 2009. It displays about 200 exhibits from collection of modern art. Anette Brandhorst, the great-granddaughter of Henkel’s founder, and her husband Udo Fritz-Hermann began collecting art in… [Per saperne di più]

Museo dell’Aviazione Schleißheim109 foto

Angelo della Pace (Monaco di Baviera) Arte di strada39 foto

Zoo di Guyana Francese57 foto

Zoo di Guyana Francese (185)
Zoo di Guyana Francese (185)

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The 160 acre of the French Guiana Zoo (Zoo de Guyane) in Macouria is home to over 70 native animal species, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the country’s flora and fauna without having to head into the Amazon Jungle. Some 450 animals live… [Per saperne di più]

Museo all’aperto Glentleiten114 foto

Museo all’aperto Glentleiten (1170)
Museo all’aperto Glentleiten (1170)

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The open-air museum Glentleiten is the museum of the district Upper Bavaria for the rural life, living and economics of past centuries. It is located above Großweil in the Upper Bavarian Voralpenland between Murnau and the Kochelsee. The museum was… [Per saperne di più]

Geroldsee (Wagenbrüchsee)30 foto

Geroldsee (Wagenbrüchsee) (322)
Geroldsee (Wagenbrüchsee) (322)

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The Geroldsee, also called Wagenbrüchsee, is a bog lake near Krün, a few kilometers from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It has an area of 10.6 hectares, a maximum depth of 6.1 meters and falls flat. The location of the Bavarian bathing lake is fantastic:… [Per saperne di più]

Gola di Partnach67 foto

Deeg49 foto

Deeg (168)
Deeg (168)

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Deeg Palace, built in 1772, is situated near Bharatpur in Rajasthan. Deeg was the first capital of the newly carved out Jat State of Bharatpur, when Badan Singh was proclaimed its ruler in 1722. In 1730, the Maharaja Suraj Mal erected the strong… [Per saperne di più]

Giardino Inglese (Monaco di Baviera)30 foto

Giardino Inglese (Monaco di Baviera) (0153) Eisbach
Giardino Inglese (Monaco di Baviera) (0153)Eisbach

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The English Garden (Englische Garten) is a 375 hectare green park in the north east of Munich, on the west bank of the River Isar, making it one of the largest parks in the world. The name derives from the English landscape gardens, which were used… [Per saperne di più]

Hintersee (Ramsauer Ache)13 foto

Hintersee (Ramsauer Ache) (127)
Hintersee (Ramsauer Ache) (127)

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The Hintersee (formerly Ferchensee or Forchensee) is a 16.4 hectare lake in the municipality of Ramsau in the Berchtesgadener Land, about two kilometers west of the center of Ramsau. Named after him is the village Hintersee directly on its western… [Per saperne di più]

Kochelsee10 foto

Kochelsee (005)
Kochelsee (005)

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The Kochelsee (Lake Kochel) is located 70 km south of Munich on the edge of the Bavarian Alps. It belongs to the communities Schlehdorf in the west and Kochel am See in the east. While the southern part of the lake is surrounded by mountains, the… [Per saperne di più]

Å (Lofoten)2 foto

Å i Lofoten (004)
Å i Lofoten (004)

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Å (Å i Lofoten), from å meaning “stream”, is a village in Moskenes municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is located about 2 km southwest of the village of Sørvågen on the island of Moskenesøya, towards the southern end of the Lofoten… [Per saperne di più]

Altötting94 foto

Ammersee53 foto

Ammersee (205) Inning am Ammersee
Ammersee (205)Inning am Ammersee

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The Ammersee is after Chiemsee and Lake Starnberg the third largest lake in Bavaria (under the lakes, which lie exclusively in Bavaria) and reaching the farthest north alpine lake. The lake is owned by the Free State of Bavaria, the Bavarian… [Per saperne di più]

Umschreibung41 foto

Umschreibung (293)
Umschreibung (293)

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The Infinity Staircase, designed by Ólafur Elíasson and called Umschreibung (Rewriting), was completed in 2004. Ólafur Elíasson (born 1967) is a Danish-Icelandic artist known for sculptures and large-scale installation art employing elemental… [Per saperne di più]

Abensberg44 foto

Abensberg (091) Torre Hundertwasser
Abensberg (091)Torre Hundertwasser

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Abensberg is a town in the Lower Bavarian district of Kelheim, lying around 30 km south-west of Regensburg, 40 km east of Ingolstadt, 50 km north-west of Landshut and 100 km north of Munich. It is situated on the Abens River, a tributary of the… [Per saperne di più]

Plansee (Tirolo)7 foto

Plansee (Tirolo) (026)
Plansee (Tirolo) (026)

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The Plansee is located in the district of Reutte, Tyrol, Austria within the Ammergau Alps. With almost 3 km², it is the second largest natural lake in Tyrol. It is connected by a 300 m long canal with the approximately 68 cm higher located Lake… [Per saperne di più]

Fontana della Dea Roma14 foto

Fontana della Dea Roma (091)
Fontana della Dea Roma (091)

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The Fontana della Dea Roma (Fountain of the Goddess Rome) from Igor Mitoraj is located Piazza Monte Grappa. Igor Mitoraj (born 1944) is a Polish artist born in Oederan, Germany. He studied painting at the Krakow School of Art and at the Krakow… [Per saperne di più]

Padula123 foto

Certosa di Padula (066)
Certosa di Padula (066)

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The monastery of Padula (Certosa di Padula / Certosa di San Lorenzo), founded by Tommaso San Severino in 1306, constitutes the second largest Chartreuse in Italy after the one in Parma and is dedicated to St Lawrence. Besides its 320 rooms and… [Per saperne di più]

Montagna delle Scimmie111 foto

Montagna delle Scimmie (531) Hyla boans
Montagna delle Scimmie (531)Hyla boans

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The Montagne des Singes (Monkey Mountain) is located south-west of the city of Kourou, 15 km towards the Dégrad Saramaca. It rises to 161 m and some tributaries of the River Kourou left bank have their source there. [Per saperne di più]

Burghausen100 foto

Burghausen (0062)
Burghausen (0062)

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The old town of Burghausen is the largest city in the Upper Bavarian district of Altötting. It lies on the Salzach, which forms the border with Austria here. Set on a hill above the old town, the Burghausen Castle is the longest castle in the world… [Per saperne di più]

Maria Gern14 foto

Maria Gern (075)
Maria Gern (075)

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Maria Gern is located north of Berchtesgaden in the valley and on the slopes of the creek Gerner (also called Gererbach or Anzenbach), a tributary of the Berchtesgadener Ache. The area is bounded on the west by the Rauhenkopf, in the east of the… [Per saperne di più]

Paesaggi di Baviera3 foto

Berchtesgadener Land (127)
Berchtesgadener Land (127)

47: Pagina visualizzata 5,5 volte al mese

Bavaria lies in the southeast of Germany and is with approximately 70,500 km² the area’s largest German country. As a landlocked country, Bavaria borders to the south and southeast Austria, in the eastern part the Czech Republic, in the southwest… [Per saperne di più]

Palazzo Schleißheim107 foto

Castello di Schleißheim (377)
Castello di Schleißheim (377)

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The Schleißheim Palace actually comprises three palaces in a grand baroque park in the village of Oberschleißheim near Munich. The palace was a summer residence of the Bavarian rulers of the House of Wittelsbach. [Per saperne di più]

Pista Paul Isnard34 foto

Pista Paul Isnard (095)
Pista Paul Isnard (095)

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The Piste Paul Isnard is a road in French Guiana. It is named after an old gold miner. At the end of the road, two sites were exploited: Citron and Paul Isnard. The former name of the company was CMPI until 1987. During the penitentiary era many… [Per saperne di più]

Rodi264 foto

Rodi (001) Porto di Mandraki
Rodi (001)Porto di Mandraki

50: Pagina visualizzata 5,4 volte al mese

Rhodes (Ρόδος) is an island located in the eastern Aegean Sea. It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in terms of both land area and population. It is located north-east of Crete, south-east of Athens and just off the Anatolian coast of… [Per saperne di più]

Museo della fattoria di Amerang51 foto

Museo della fattoria di Amerang (0461)
Museo della fattoria di Amerang (0461)

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The farmhouse museum Amerang is an open-air museum and is located in the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Amerang region in Chiemgau. It is affiliated to the open-air museum Glentleiten. The museum shows the rural life, living and economics of past… [Per saperne di più]

Isole du Salut174 foto

Isole du Salut (1306)
Isole du Salut (1306)

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The Iles du Salut are a group of small islands of volcanic origin about 11 km from the coast of French Guiana (14 km north of Kourou) in the Atlantic Ocean. The Ile du Diable is better known to English speakers as Devil’s Island. The total area is… [Per saperne di più]

Augusta62 foto

Fuggerei (0278)
Fuggerei (0278)

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The Fuggerei is the world’s oldest social housing complex still in use. It is a walled enclave within the city of Augsburg, Bavaria. It takes it name from the Fugger family and was founded in 1516 by Jakob Fugger the Younger (known as “Jakob Fugger… [Per saperne di più]

Wallfahrtskirche Wilparting17 foto

Wilparting (0203) Santuario
Wilparting (0203)Santuario

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The pilgrimage church of St. Marinus and Anian (Wallfahrtskirche Wilparting) is the Catholic village church of Wilparting, a district of the municipality of Irschenberg in the district of Miesbach. It rises above the grave of the two saints; the… [Per saperne di più]

Chiesa degli Asam (Monaco di Baviera)42 foto

Chiesa degli Asam (Monaco di Baviera) (075)
Chiesa degli Asam (Monaco di Baviera) (075)

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St Johann Nepomuk, better known as the Asam Church is a church in Munich built from 1733 to 1746 by the brothers Egid Quirin Asam and Cosmas Damian Asam as their private church. The church is considered to be one of the most important buildings of… [Per saperne di più]

Maripasoula101 foto

Maripasoula (608)
Maripasoula (608)

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Maripasoula is a French commune in the department of French Guiana. The town, the largest in France, and one of the least densely populated, is the border with Suriname and Brazil. The city is mainly populated by people from the Boni ethnicity.… [Per saperne di più]

Abbazia di Fürstenfeld158 foto

Abbazia di Fürstenfeld (452)
Abbazia di Fürstenfeld (452)

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The Fürstenfeld Monastery is a former Cistercian Abbey in Fürstenfeldbruck in Bavaria in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It is located about 25 km west of the city of Munich. The former monastery was one of the household monasteries of the… [Per saperne di più]

Caienna43 foto

Mercato di Caienna (004)
Mercato di Caienna (004)

58: Pagina visualizzata 5,1 volte al mese

Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. The city is located on the banks of the estuary of the Cayenne River on the Atlantic Ocean and occupies part of the Ile de Cayenne. It is… [Per saperne di più]

Aurora Boreale (Lofoten)6 foto

Aurora Boreale (Lofoten) (053)
Aurora Boreale (Lofoten) (053)

59: Pagina visualizzata 5,1 volte al mese

Norway is an area normally associated with the appearance of Aurora Borealis. There, under the auroral oval, one can observe the Aurora Borealis very often, sometimes daily. The actual visibility depends primarily on the season and on the weather. [Per saperne di più]

Carcere di Annamite46 foto

Carcere di Annamite (121)
Carcere di Annamite (121)

60: Pagina visualizzata 5,0 volte al mese

The Bagne des Annamites was established in June 1930 and consisted of seven wood buildings with the house of the camp leaders, dungeons and a dining hall. The purpose of this camp was to develop the region of the Inini, and then completely covered… [Per saperne di più]

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