America Before por Graham Hancock (Autor)

America Before por Graham Hancock

Editor: Coronet, edição 2019

Língua: Inglês

ISBN-13: 978-1473660571

ISBN-10: 1473660572

Da contracapa: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization: A new investigation into the mysteries of the human past by the bestselling author of Fingerprints of the Gods and Magicians of the Gods.

Minhas contribuições: Foto da estátua do deus Hórus no Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst (Munique).

Another History of Art: 2.500 jaar Europese kunstgeschiedenis por Koenraad Jonckheere (Autor)

Another History of Art por Koenraad Jonckheere

Editor: Hannibal, edição 2020

Língua: Holandês

ISBN-13: 978-9463887526

ISBN-10: 9463887520

Da contracapa: Kunst is zoveel meer dan een esthetische ervaring of een intrigerend concept. Het is ook een instrument van politiek en religie, een katalysator van revoluties, een trigger van extreme reacties, een laboratorium voor nieuwe technologieën…

Minhas contribuições: Foto da Cripta de San Magno na Duomo Santa Maria (Anagni).

Mediterranean Urbanism por Besim S. Hakim (Autor)

Mediterranean Urbanism por Besim S. Hakim

Editor: Springer, edição 2014

Língua: Inglês

ISBN-13: 978-9401791397

ISBN-10: 9401791392

Da contracapa: This book brings together historic urban / building rules and codes for the geographic areas including Greece, Italy, and Spain. The author achieved his ambitious goal of finding pertinent rules and codes that were followed in previous societies for the processes that formed the built environment of their towns and cities, including building activities at the neighborhood level and the decision-making process that took place between proximate neighbors. The original…

Minhas contribuições: Foto da capa (Santorini), várias fotos dentro do livro.

Revue de l’Académie du Centre

Revue de l’Académie du Centre

Editor: edição 2020

Língua: Francesca

ISSN: 0243.8402

Minhas contribuições: Fotos do interior da Catedral de São Donato de Arezzo (Arezzo).

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