Seltsame Orte[1.147 Fotos]


Ospedale delle Bambole (209)
Ospedale delle Bambole (209)

Orte unter den seltsamsten rund um die Welt.

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Abensberg (1) Hundertwasser Turm
Abensberg (1)Hundertwasser Turm
48° 49′ 0″ N, 11° 50′ 32″ O

Abensberg is a town in the Lower Bavarian district of Kelheim, lying around 30 km south-west of Regensburg, 40 km east of Ingolstadt, 50 km north-west of Landshut and 100 km north of Munich. It is situated on the Abens River, a tributary of the… [Mehr dazu]


Parco dei Mostri (1)
Parco dei Mostri (1)
42° 29′ 30″ N, 12° 14′ 51″ O

The Parco dei Mostri in the Sacro Bosco close to Bomarzowas created between 1522 and 1580 by Duke Vicino Orsini. The park of Bomarzo was intended not to please, but to astonish. The sphinx at the entrance of the Park of the Monsters is the work of… [Mehr dazu]


Craco (1)
Craco (1)
40° 22′ 41″ N, 16° 26′ 25″ O

Craco, an abandoned Italian village located in the region of Basilicata and the province of Matera, was called the area “Grachium” which means “from the little ploughed field”. Tombs were found suggesting the settlement dates back to the 8th[Mehr dazu]