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Ospedale delle Bambole (59)
Photo: Ospedale delle Bambole

Strange places
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Places among the strangest around the world.

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Abensberg (91) Hundertwasser Tower
Photo: Abensberg, Hundertwasser Tower

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Abensberg is a town in the Lower Bavarian district of Kelheim, lying around 30 km south-west of Regensburg, 40 km east of Ingolstadt, 50 km …

Map: Abensberg
Parco dei Mostri (19)
Photo: Parco dei Mostri

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The Parco dei Mostri in the Sacro Bosco close to Bomarzo was created between 1522 and 1580 by Duke Vicino Orsini. The park of Bomarzo was intended …

Map: Bomarzo
Craco (534)
Photo: Craco

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Craco, an abandoned Italian village located in the region of Basilicata and the province of Matera, was called the area “Grachium” which means …

Map: Craco
Garden of Tarot (736) The Emperor
Photo: Garden of Tarot, The Emperor

Garden of Tarot
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Il Giardino dei Tarocchi or the Garden of Tarot is a sculpture garden based on the esoteric tarot created during the late 1970s by Niki de Saint

Map: Garden of Tarot
Isola del Giglio (96) Costa Concordia
Photo: Isola del Giglio, Costa Concordia

Isola del Giglio
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Isola del Giglio is an Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea (one of seven that form the Tuscan Archipelago, lying within the Arcipelago Toscano

Map: Isola del Giglio
La Scarzuola (3)
Photo: La Scarzuola

La Scarzuola
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Near the small town of Montegiove are the gardens of La Scarzuola. In 1956, the architect Tomaso Buzzi bought the complex and began restoration. He …

Map: La Scarzuola
Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg) (57) Converter hall
Photo: Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg), Converter hall

Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg)
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The Maxhütte, named after the Bavarian King Maximilian II Joseph, was a traditional steel mill and is today an industrial monument in …

Map: Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg)
Ospedale delle Bambole (209)
Photo: Ospedale delle Bambole

Ospedale delle Bambole
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The Restauri Artistici Squatriti, 29 Via Ripetta at the coner to Via del Vantaggio in Rome, known to Romans as the “Ospedale delle Bambole”, or the …

Map: Ospedale delle Bambole
Pizzo (216)
Photo: Pizzo

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Pizzo is a seaport in the province of Vibo Valentia, situated on a steep cliff overlooking the Gulf of Santa Eufemia. Fishing is one of the main …

Map: Pizzo
Trash People (162)
Photo: Trash People

Trash People
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Trash People: The one thousand life-sized Trash People started their trip around the world in 1996 in Xanten. They stopped in Paris (1999), Moscow

Map: Trash People