Museu Nacional de Arte Egípcia (Munique) (184) Máscara de Sarcófago de Sit Djehuty

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Aula Ottagona48 fotos

Aula Ottagona (055)
Aula OttagonaRoma - Lacio - Italia

Coordenadas: 41° 54′ 14″ N, 12° 29′ 45″ E

The Aula Ottagona is part of Diocletian’s Baths and used to be called the Hall of Minerva. Probably designed originally to provide a concourse area, it is octagonal in shape with four semi-circular niches in the corners. [Leer más]

BMW Welt8 fotos

Mundo BMW (260)
BMW WeltMúnich - Alemania

Coordenadas: 48° 10′ 36″ N, 11° 33′ 25″ E

The BMW Welt (BMW Worl) is a combined exhibition, museum and delivery site, located near the Olympic Park in the immediate vicinity of the BMW Tour (BMW four-cylinder). It was built from August 2003 to summer 2007. The laying of the cornerstone for… [Leer más]

Groninga134 fotos

Groninga (052) Museo de Groninga
GroningaPaíses Bajos

Coordenadas: 53° 12′ 44″ N, 6° 33′ 56″ E

Groningen is the capital city of the province of Groningen in the Netherlands. With a population of around 188,000, it is by far the largest city in the north of the Netherlands. Groningen is a university city, inhabited on average by about 50,000… [Leer más]

Haarlem51 fotos

Haarlem (018)
HaarlemPaíses Bajos

Coordenadas: 52° 23′ 1″ N, 4° 38′ 31″ E

Haarlem, in the past usually Harlem in English, is the capital of the province of North Holland, the northern half of Holland, which at one time was the most powerful of the seven provinces of the Netherlands. Haarlem lies in the northern part of… [Leer más]

Museo Andersen8 fotos

Museo Andersen (005)
Museo AndersenRoma - Lacio - Italia

Coordenadas: 41° 54′ 51″ N, 12° 28′ 22″ E

Andersen was born in Bergen, Norway in 1872, and immigrated as an infant with his family to Newport, Rhode Island the following year. As a young man in Newport, Andersen began his work as a sculptor and learned to mingle among the city’s wealthy… [Leer más]

Museos Capitolinos77 fotos

Palazzo dei Conservatori (131)
Museos CapitolinosRoma - Lacio - Italia

Coordenadas: 41° 53′ 36″ N, 12° 28′ 59″ E

The Capitoline Museums (Italian Musei Capitolini) are a group of art and archaeological museums in Piazza del Campidoglio, on top of the Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy. The museums are contained in three palazzi surrounding a central trapezoidal… [Leer más]

Scheveningen123 fotos

Scheveningen (029) Muelle de Scheveningen
ScheveningenPaíses Bajos

Coordenadas: 52° 6′ 39″ N, 4° 16′ 43″ E

Scheveningen is a modern seaside resort with a long sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier, and a lighthouse. The beach is popular for water sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding. The Beelden aan Zee (“Pictures to the sea”) museum in the Scheveningen[Leer más]

Vigna di Valle131 fotos

Museo Aeronautica (142)
Vigna di ValleLacio - Italia

Coordenadas: 42° 5′ 7″ N, 12° 13′ 6″ E

The Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare) is the air force of the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana). It has held a prominent role in modern Italian military history and its Aerobatic display team is the Frecce Tricolori. [Leer más]


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Matadero (Múnich) (321) Arte urbano
Matadero (Múnich) Arte urbanoMúnich - Alemania

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