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The Museum Brandhorst was opened in Munich on May 21, 2009. It displays about 200 exhibits from collection of modern art. Anette Brandhorst, the great-granddaughter of Henkel’s founder, and her husband Udo Fritz-Hermann began collecting art in 1971.

When Anette died in 1999, her husband Udo donated the collection to the state of Bavaria on the proviso that the state build it a fitting home.

The building with its long, two-storey, rectangular structure and multi-coloured facade composed of 36,000 vertical ceramic louvres in 23 different coloured glazes, was created by the architect Sauerbruch Hutton and is located next to the Pinakothek der Moderne in the Kunstareal. …

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The museum displays a selection of about 100 works of Andy Warhol (Hammer and sickle, 1976, The Last Supper, 1986) and more than 60 works of Cy Twombly, making it the largest Twombly collection outside the US.

One of the museum’s rooms, an irregular octagon, was created specifically to house the Lepanto cycle, a painting in 12 parts.

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