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28° 31′ 29″ N, 77° 11′ 6″ E


The Qutb Minar, also spelled as Qutub Minar and Qutab Minar, is a minaret and “victory tower” that forms part of the Qutb complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Mehrauli area of New Delhi, India.

The height of Qutb Minar is 72.5 m, making it the tallest minaret in the world built of bricks. The tower tapers, and has a 14.3 m base diameter, reducing to 2.7 m at the top of the peak.

It contains a spiral staircase of 379 steps.

Its closest comparator is the 62 m all-brick Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan, of 1190, a decade or so before the probable start of the Delhi tower. …

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The surfaces of both are elaborately decorated with inscriptions and geometric patterns; in Delhi the shaft is fluted with “superb stalactite bracketing under the balconies” at the top of each stage.

In general minarets were slow to be used in India, and are often detached from the main mosque where they exist.


Map: Qutb-Minar
Map: Qutb-Minar

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