Enkhuizen (105) Zuiderzeemuseum

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An open-air museum is a museum that exhibits collections of buildings and artifacts out-of-doors. It is also frequently known as a museum of buildings, an ecomuseum or a folk museum. The concept of an open-air museum originated in Scandinavia in the late 19th century and spread widely.

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Enkhuizen (100) Zuiderzeemuseum

Enkhuizen (126 photos)

Enkhuizen, in the region of West-Frisia, was one of the harbour-towns of the VOC, just like Hoorn and Amsterdam, from where overseas trade with the …

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Farmhouse museum Amerang (461)

Farmhouse museum Amerang (50 photos)

The farmhouse museum Amerang is an open-air museum and is located in the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Amerang region in Chiemgau. It is…

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Open-air museum Glentleiten (1170)

Open-air museum Glentleiten (110 photos)

The open-air museum Glentleiten is the museum of the district Upper Bavaria for the rural life, living and economics of past centuries. It is…

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Zaanse Schans (83)

Zaanse Schans (78 photos)

Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood of Zaandam, near Zaandijk in the province of North Holland. It has a collection of well-preserved historic…

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