L’Aquila (26) San Bernardino
Photo: L’Aquila, San Bernardino

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42° 20′ 34″ N, 13° 24′ 15″ E


L’Aquila, less than 2 hours’ drive from Rome, is the capital of the Abruzzo region surrounded by mountains like the Gran Sasso at 2,912 m, the highest point of Italian mainland.

Main sights

  • Santa Maria di Collemaggio: The church, outside of the town with its façade of pink and white stones, was built in the 13th century by Pietro dal Morrone.
  • San Bernardino: The 15th century church houses the tomb of San Bernardino of Siena. It’s Renaissance façade was built by Cola dell’Amatrice in 1527.
  • Fontanelle delle Novantanove Cannelle: The fountain commemorates the 99 villages that Frederick II united when he founded L’Aquila.


Map: L’Aquila
Map: L’Aquila

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