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Caserta[211 photos]

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Caserta (012)
Caserta (012)

41° 4′ 21″ N, 14° 19′ 39″ E

Caserta is located north east of Naples on the edge of the Campanian Plain at the foot of the Subapennine mountain range.

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Main Sights

  • Royal Palace / Palazzo Reale: The Palace, built for the Bourbon King Charles III, boasts with its rectangular plan of 247 x 184 m² over 1,000 rooms.
  • Royal Park / Parco Reale: The vast park of 120 ha includes beside the English Garden:
    • The Fountain of Diana and Actaeon
    • The Fountain of Venus and Adonis
    • The Fountain of the Dolphins
    • The Fountain of Aeolus
    • The Fountain of Ceres

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