Serpent de Pascaud (9)
Photo: Serpent de Pascaud

Engraved Rocks of Mahury
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4° 51′ 26″ N, 52° 16′ 9″ W


The seven Engraved Rocks of Mahury (Roches Gravées de Mahury) form a historic monument in French Guiana, registered as such by decree of the 8th of March 2002.

The seven rocks are located in the municipality of Rémire-Montjoly and are part of a set of several engraved rocks groups on south-western flank of Mahury constituting a directory of art and Native American symbolism.

The Snake of Pascaud (Serpent de Pascaud) is part of this set of engraved rocks.


Map: Engraved Rocks of Mahury
Map: Engraved Rocks of Mahury

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