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French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France on the north Atlantic coast of South America. It borders Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west. Its 83,534 km² area has a very low population density of less than 3 inhabitants per km², with half of its 239,450 people in 2012 living in the metropolitan area of Cayenne, its capital. By land area, it is by far the largest overseas region of France. A large part of the department’s economy derives from the presence of the Guiana Space Centre (Centre Spatial Guyanais), now the European Space Agency’s primary launch site near the equator.

List of sights

Acarouany91 photos

Acarouany (115)
AcarouanyFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 5° 35′ 26″ N, 53° 48′ 48″ W

Acarouany: In the 18th century, leprosy, imported by European settlers and slaves, affects the territory of French Guiana. The first leper colonies are installed on the Ilet La Mère off the coast of (in 1774), and on the Iles du Salut off the… [Read more]

Annamite Prison46 photos

Annamite Prison (121)
Annamite PrisonFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 49′ 45″ N, 52° 31′ 2″ W

The Bagne des Annamites was established in June 1930 and consisted of seven wood buildings with the house of the camp leaders, dungeons and a dining hall. The purpose of this camp was to develop the region of the Inini, and then completely covered… [Read more]

Awala-Yalimapo17 photos

Awala-Yalimapo (96)
Awala-YalimapoFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 5° 44′ 46″ N, 53° 56′ 2″ W

Awala-Yalimapo is a commune on the north coast of French Guiana, close to the border with Suriname. Awala and Yalimapo are French Guiana’s northern-most settlements, located just to the south of the region’s northern-most point, the beach of Plage[Read more]

Cacao83 photos

Cacao (219) Cacao market
CacaoFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 33′ 4″ N, 52° 29′ 37″ W

Cacao is a town in French Guiana, lying on the Comte River to the south of Cayenne. Most of the town’s population are Hmong farmers, refugees from Laos, who were resettled in French Guiana in the 1970s. There is a Sunday morning market at which … [Read more]

Cayenne43 photos

Cayenne market (15)
CayenneFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 56′ 5″ N, 52° 20′ 5″ W

Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. The city is located on the banks of the estuary of the Cayenne River on the Atlantic Ocean and occupies part of the Ile de Cayenne. It is… [Read more]

Dam Petit Saut91 photos

Dam Petit Saut (890)
Dam Petit SautFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 55′ 34″ N, 53° 1′ 39″ W

The dam of Petit-Saut is a dam located in the department of French Guiana between the towns of Sinnamary and Saint-Élie. Its dam lake, with an area of about 365 km² (about 16 km along on 19 km wide), is the largest in France; larger than the city… [Read more]

French Guiana Zoo57 photos

French Guiana Zoo (185) Jaguar
French Guiana ZooFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 56′ 45″ N, 52° 29′ 31″ W

The 160 acre of the French Guiana Zoo (Zoo de Guyane) in Macouria is home to over 70 native animal species, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the country’s flora and fauna without having to head into the Amazon Jungle. Some 450 animals live… [Read more]

Gabriel Creek28 photos

Gabriel Creek (206)
Gabriel CreekFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 44′ 8″ N, 52° 18′ 19″ W

The Gabriel Creek (Crique Gabriel) is often presented as the most beautiful creeks of French Guiana, but it is overall the nearest one to Cayenne (about 35 km east of Cayenne). This small creek runs into the Mahury, a few hundred meters from the… [Read more]

Iracoubo19 photos

Iracoubo (31)
IracouboFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 5° 28′ 45″ N, 53° 12′ 24″ W

Iracoubo is a commune on the coast of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. The settlement of Iracoubo, seat of the commune, is located between the settlement of Sinnamary and the hamlet of Organabo.… [Read more]

Islet la Mère86 photos

Ilet la Mere (1369) Squirrel monkey
Islet la MèreFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 53′ 22″ N, 52° 11′ 7″ W

The Islets of Rémire are a small archipelago of four islands off the town of Rémire-Montjoly (La Mère, Le Père, Le Malingre, Les Mamelles (two islets)). The Islet of the Enfant Perdu, which is a little further upstream, is generally added to them.… [Read more]

Kourou36 photos

Kourou (10) Kourou Market
KourouFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 5° 9′ 52″ N, 52° 38′ 34″ W

Kourou is located 60 km north-west of the capital Cayenne at the mouth of the Kourou River on the Atlantic coast. In 1965 the Centre Spatial Guyanais (Guiana Space Centre) was founded behind the town. [Read more]

Kourou River64 photos

Kourou River (157)
Kourou RiverFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 57′ 47″ N, 52° 45′ 32″ W

The Kourou is a river in French Guiana with a length of 112 km. The city of Kourou is at its mouth to the Atlantic Ocean. Its estuary is home to the marina. As everywhere in the Amazon, the colour of the water is brown because of the sediment… [Read more]

La Mirande Trail44 photos

La Mirande Trail (488)
La Mirande TrailFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 51′ 47″ N, 52° 20′ 41″ W

The La Mirande Trail (Sentier de la Mirande) winds through the Mount Grand-Matoury, a nature reserve mainly populated by birds. The wildlife encounters are frequent, but it is at sunrise and sunset that the chances to observe macaws, toucans and … [Read more]

Maripasoula101 photos

Maripasoula (608)
MaripasoulaFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 3° 24′ 6″ N, 53° 55′ 29″ W

Maripasoula is a French commune in the department of French Guiana. The town, the largest in France, and one of the least densely populated, is the border with Suriname and Brazil. The city is mainly populated by people from the Boni ethnicity.… [Read more]

Paul Isnard Track34 photos

Paul Isnard Track (95)
Paul Isnard TrackFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 5° 9′ 47″ N, 53° 57′ 38″ W

The Piste Paul Isnard is a road in French Guiana. It is named after an old gold miner. At the end of the road, two sites were exploited: Citron and Paul Isnard. The former name of the company was CMPI until 1987. During the penitentiary era many… [Read more]

Pripri de Yiyi82 photos

Pripri de Yiyi (1972)
Pripri de YiyiFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 5° 25′ 22″ N, 53° 3′ 1″ W

The great Pripri de Yiyi is located on the municipalities of Sinnamary and Iracoubo, and covers about 15 000 ha. This ecosystem occupies a central position between two other large Guyanese marshes, Kaw-Roura Marshland at the east and Savane Sarcelle[Read more]

Rorota Trail45 photos

Rorota Trail (1213)
Rorota TrailFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 53′ 6″ N, 52° 15′ 47″ W

With a length of 5 km, the Rorota Trail (Sentier du Rorota) connects the lakes of Rorota, of Lalouette and of Rémire in the municipality of Rémire-Montjoly and is located on the northern edge of the Plateau of Mahury. This massive rises to 170 m… [Read more]

Salvation Islands174 photos

Salvation Islands (1306) Saint-Joseph Island
Salvation IslandsFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 5° 17′ 15″ N, 52° 35′ 20″ W

The Iles du Salut are a group of small islands of volcanic origin about 11 km from the coast of French Guiana (14 km north of Kourou) in the Atlantic Ocean. The Ile du Diable is better known to English speakers as Devil’s Island. The total area is… [Read more]

Tresor Trail50 photos

Tresor Trail (527)
Tresor TrailFrench Guiana - France

Coordinates: 4° 34′ 44″ N, 52° 14′ 36″ W

The Tresor Trail (Sentier Trésor) is named after the Trésor mine, which was used for many years for its deposits of gold, then abandoned. The few remnants of this operation are outside of the reserve. Being a voluntary nature reserve, managers are… [Read more]


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