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The Americas, sometimes collectively called America, are a landmass comprising the totality of North and South America. The Americas make up most of the land in Earth’s Western Hemisphere and comprise the New World.

Along with their associated islands, the Americas cover 8% of Earth’s total surface area and 28.4% of its land area. The topography is dominated by the American Cordillera, a long chain of mountains that runs the length of the west coast.

The flatter eastern side of the Americas is dominated by large river basins, such as the Amazon, St. Lawrence RiverGreat Lakes basin, Mississippi, and La Plata.

Since the Americas extend 14,000 km from north to south, the climate and ecology vary widely, from the arctic tundra of Northern Canada, Greenland, and Alaska, to the tropical rain forests in Central America and South America.


Map: Americas
Map: Americas

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Cayenne market (4)
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French Guiana
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French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France on the north Atlantic coast of South America. It borders Brazil to the east and south, and …

Map: French Guiana
Map: French Guiana
List of sights: Acarouany, Annamite Prison, Awala-Yalimapo, Cacao, Camp Caiman, Cayenne, Dam Petit Saut, Diamond Fortification, Engraved Rocks of Carapa, Engraved Rocks …
Machu Picchu (123)
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Peru, officially the Republic of Peru, is a country in western South America. It is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil

Map: Peru
Map: Peru
List of sights: Altiplano, Amazon Rainforest, Arequipa, Colca, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Maras, Nazca, Other Inca Sites, Paracas
Bigiston (196)
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Suriname, officially known as the Republic of Surinam, is a country in northern South America. It is bordered by French Guiana to the east, Guyana to the …

Map: Suriname
Map: Suriname
List of sights: Bigiston
Kennedy Space Center (43) Space Shuttle Columbia
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United States
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The United States of America (commonly called the United States, the U.S., the USA, America, and The States) is a federal constitutional republic consisting …

Map: United States
Map: United States
List of sights: Kennedy Space Center