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Photo: Certosa di Paradigna

Certosa di Paradigna
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44° 51′ 23″ N, 10° 20′ 47″ E


The Abbey Valserena, better known as Certosa di Paradigna, is a former Cistercian abbey located on the northern outskirts of Parma, in the locality Paradigna.

Formerly known as “Charterhouse of San Martino”, it was deconsecrated during the Napoleonic era. The abbey was founded by the cardinal of Parma Gerardo Bianchi, born in the nearby town of Gainago.

The construction was authorized by Pope Boniface VIII with the Papal Bull of 13 April 1298, as part of the pre-existing church of San Martino.


Map: Certosa di Paradigna
Map: Certosa di Paradigna

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