Goal - Mario Ceroli (94)
Photo: Goal - Mario Ceroli

Goal - Mario Ceroli
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41° 55′ 48″ N, 12° 28′ 11″ E


The 16.5 m high sculpture “Goal” by Mario Ceroli was built by the artist during the World Cup in 1990. The sculpture is composed of two built-in wood and galvanised steel structures, one, the “Box”, within the other, the “Sphere”.

Mario Ceroli was born in Castelfrentano in the Abruzzo in 1938. He studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He began working in the fifties in the studios of Leoncillo, Ettore Colla and Pericle Fazzini.

After the first work - tree trunks with nails stuck - Ceroli discovers the possibility of using shapes and cut-outs, linked to images of everyday life.


Map: Goal - Mario Ceroli
Map: Goal - Mario Ceroli

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