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Lazio is one of the 20 administrative regions of Italy, situated in the central peninsular section of the country. With about 5.7 million residents and a GDP of more than 170 billion euros, Lazio is the third most populated region of Italy, and has the second largest economy of the nation. Its capital is Rome, capital and largest city of Italy.

Map: Lazio

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Anagni (5)
Photo: Anagni

Anagni (IT)
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Anagni, with the Duomo Santa Maria, is the birth place of the pope Boniface VIII in the 13th century. The Crypt of San Magno has frescoes from the 12th …

Map: Anagni
Anguillara Sabazia (266)
Photo: Anguillara Sabazia

Anguillara Sabazia (IT)
62 Photos

Anguillara Sabazia is a town in the Lazio, around 30 km north-west of Rome. It nestles on a small cape on the coast of the Lake Bracciano. The lake owes …

Map: Anguillara Sabazia
Ariccia (3)
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Ariccia (IT)
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Ariccia is a town and comune in the Province of Rome. It is in the Alban Hills of the Lazio region and could be considered an extension of Rome’s southeastern …

Map: Ariccia
Arsoli (72)
Photo: Arsoli

Arsoli (IT)
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Arsoli, in the province of Rome, dates back to the 11th century and has nice narrow ancient streets, a medieval centre still preserved, as well as a castle, …

Map: Arsoli
Artena (93)
Photo: Artena

Artena (IT)
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Artena is a village 30 km of Rome, situated in the north-west of Monti Lepini, in the upper valley of the Sacco River. On the mountain above the village …

Map: Artena
Bagnoregio (298)
Photo: Bagnoregio

Bagnoregio (IT)
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Bagnoregio is located about 90 km north-west of Rome and about 28 km north of Viterbo. Anciently it was called Novempagi and Balneum Regium, whence the …

Map: Bagnoregio
Bolsena (45)
Photo: Bolsena

Bolsena (IT)
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Bolsena is a town in the province of Viterbo in northern Lazio on the eastern shore of Lake Bolsena. It is 10 km north-north west of Montefiascone and 36 km …

Map: Bolsena
Parco dei Mostri (19)
Photo: Parco dei Mostri

Bomarzo (IT)
90 Photos

The Parco dei Mostri in the Sacro Bosco close to Bomarzo was created between 1522 and 1580 by Duke Vicino Orsini. The park of Bomarzo was intended not to …

Map: Bomarzo
Calcata (184)
Photo: Calcata

Calcata (IT)
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Calcata, in the Province of Viterbo, is located 50 km north of Rome over the valley of the Treja River. In the 1930s, the fortified centre was condemned …

Map: Calcata
Cantalice (348)
Photo: Cantalice

Cantalice (IT)
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Cantalice is a town in the Province of Rieti in the Italian region Latium, located about 70 km north-east of Rome and about 8 km north-east of Rieti.

Map: Cantalice
Capodimonte (207)
Photo: Capodimonte

Capodimonte (IT)
44 Photos

Capodimonte is a village in the Lazio, located about 90 km north-west of Rome and about 20 km north-west of Viterbo. It is on the south-western shore of …

Map: Capodimonte
Caprarola (94)
Photo: Caprarola

Caprarola (IT)
38 Photos

The Palazzo Farnese located in the medieval village of Caprarola was designed by Vignola and built between 1559 and 1575. It takes its pentagonal shape …

Map: Caprarola
Cervara di Roma (94)
Photo: Cervara di Roma

Cervara di Roma (IT)
58 Photos

Cervara di Roma, located about 50 km east of Rome, was founded by Benedictine Monks in the 8th or 9th century. The historic centre of Cervara, this small …

Map: Cervara di Roma
Cerveteri (173)
Photo: Cerveteri

Cerveteri (IT)
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The Necropolis della Banditaccia in Cerveteri, which has been declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the necropolis in Tarquinia covers an …

Map: Cerveteri
Farnese (4)
Photo: Farnese

Farnese (IT)
60 Photos

Farnese in the Province of Viterbo is located about 100 km north-west of Rome and about 35 km north-west of Viterbo and is the origin of the influential …

Map: Farnese
Fossanova (218)
Photo: Fossanova

Fossanova (IT)
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Fossanova Abbey is located about 100 km south-east of Rome. It is the finest example of a Cistercian Abbey and of the Burgundian Early Gothic style in …

Map: Fossanova
Gaeta (16)
Photo: Gaeta

Gaeta (IT)
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Gaeta is a city and municipality in the province of Latina, in Lazio. Set on a promontory stretching towards the Gulf of Gaeta, it is 120 km from Rome and …

Map: Gaeta
Genazzano (10)
Photo: Genazzano

Genazzano (IT)
20 Photos

Genazzano, is a town in the province of Rome, starting from the Monti Prenestini, ends on the Sacco River valley. In the 11th century it was a fief of the …

Map: Genazzano
Infiorata of Genzano di Roma 2010 (1067)
Photo: Infiorata of Genzano di Roma 2010

Genzano di Roma (IT)
587 Photos

Genzano di Roma is a town and comune in the province of Rome, in the Lazio region of central Italy. It is one of the Castelli Romani, at a distance of 29 km …

Map: Genzano di Roma
Abbazia di San Nilo (124)
Photo: Abbazia di San Nilo

Grottaferrata (IT)
60 Photos

Grottaferrata is a small town situated on the lower slopes of the Alban Hills, 20 km south east of Rome. The Abbey of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata (also …

Map: Grottaferrata
Isola Sacra (12)
Photo: Isola Sacra

Isola Sacra (IT)
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The Isola Sacra Necropolis was the first large-scale pagan cemetery of Roman Imperial times to be excavated. The excavator-in-chief of most of Isola Sacra

Map: Isola Sacra
Italian Air Force Museum Vigna di Valle (142)
Photo: Italian Air Force Museum Vigna di Valle

Italian Air Force Museum Vigna di Valle (IT)
130 Photos

The Italian Air Force Museum is an aircraft museum at Vigna di Valle, on Lake Bracciano (Lazio), in central Italy. It is operated by the Aeronautica Militare

Map: Italian Air Force Museum Vigna di Valle
Labro (134)
Photo: Labro

Labro (IT)
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Labro, a municipality in the Italian region Latium, is located about 70 km north-east of Rome and about 15 km north-west of Rieti.

Map: Labro
Ladispoli (213)
Photo: Ladispoli

Ladispoli (IT)
44 Photos

Ladispoli occupies the area of the ancient Alsium, the port of the Etruscan city of Cerveteri. It was destroyed in the 6th century, during the Gothic War

Map: Ladispoli
Licenza (134)
Photo: Licenza

Licenza (IT)
16 Photos

Licenza is a village located about 40 km north-east of Rome.Spring of Bandusia, Orsini castle, Villa of Horace

Map: Licenza
Marta (14)
Photo: Marta

Marta (Lazio) (IT)
9 Photos

Marta is a comune in the Province of Viterbo in the Italian region Latium, located about 80 km northwest of Rome and about 20km northwest of Viterbo. Marta

Map: Marta (Lazio)
Montecassino Abbey (24)
Photo: Montecassino Abbey

Montecassino Abbey (IT)
18 Photos

The Abbey of Montecassino located on a hill close to Cassino, was founded around 529 by St Benedict. Considered as an important centre of learning since …

Map: Montecassino Abbey
Montefiascone (28)
Photo: Montefiascone

Montefiascone (IT)
80 Photos

Montefiascone is perched on the edge of a hill south-east of Lake Bolsena. The name of the city derives from that of the Falisci (Mons Faliscorum, “Mountain of the Falisci

Map: Montefiascone
Norchia (62)
Photo: Norchia

Norchia (IT)
32 Photos

Norchia is an ancient Etruscan city with an adjacent necropolis which reached its high point between the 4th and 2nd centuries BC. The tombs are generally …

Map: Norchia
Oasi di Ninfa (53)
Photo: Oasi di Ninfa

Oasi di Ninfa (IT)
30 Photos

In the valley bellow Sermoneta lays the abandoned village of Ninfa converted since 1921 in a garden (Oasi di Ninfa).

Map: Oasi di Ninfa
Olevano Romano (67)
Photo: Olevano Romano

Olevano Romano (IT)
24 Photos

Olevano Romano is a municipality located about 45 km east of Rome. It is the birthplace of the composer Giovanni Gentile.

Map: Olevano Romano
Ostia Antica (53)
Photo: Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica (IT)
96 Photos

As main port of the antic Rome, Ostia (Ostia Antica) was a busy trading centre over 6 centuries until the 5th century.The main street, the Decumanus Maximus

Map: Ostia Antica
Patrica (178)
Photo: Patrica

Patrica (IT)
40 Photos

Patrica is a village in the Italian region Lazio, located about 70 km south-east of Rome and about 10 km south-west of Frosinone. It is part of Ciociaria

Map: Patrica
Ponza (924)
Photo: Ponza

Ponza (IT)
210 Photos

Isola Di Ponza is the largest of the Italian Pontine Islands (which are the remains of extinct volcanos), located 33 km south of Cape Circeo in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Map: Ponza
Priverno (10)
Photo: Priverno

Priverno (IT)
12 Photos

Priverno was a flourishing Volscian site near the Via Appia, conquered and destroyed by the Romans in the late 4th century BC. It includes the Communal …

Map: Priverno
Roccantica (42)
Photo: Roccantica

Roccantica (IT)
20 Photos

Roccantica is an Italian commune in the province of Rieti in the Lazio region. Roccantica is 68 km north of Rome and 35 km southwest of Rieti. It is located …

Map: Roccantica
Rocchette (221)
Photo: Rocchette

Rocchette (IT)
32 Photos

Rocchette is a village located in the heart of Sabina in the Lazio. A few kilometres from the border with Umbria, the twin strongholds of Rocchette and …

Map: Rocchette
Roman Forum (159)
Photo: Roman Forum

Rome (IT)
2,261 Photos

Rome is the capital of Italy and also of the homonymous province and of the region of Lazio. With 2.7 million residents in 1,285.3 km², it is also the country’s …

Map: RomeList of sights: Andersen Museum, Appian Way, Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran, Auditorium, Aula Ottagona, Basilica San Clemente al Laterano, Basilica Santa Cecilia in …
Necropolis di San Guiliano (3)
Photo: Necropolis di San Guiliano

San Guiliano (IT)
10 Photos

San Guiliano is an Etruscan centre 2 km north-east of Barbarano Romano. The most important tombs found in the necropolis of Cuccumella del Caiolo are the …

Map: San Guiliano
San Vito Romano (139)
Photo: San Vito Romano

San Vito Romano (IT)
16 Photos

San Vito Romano, a municipality in the Italian region Latium, is located about 40 km east of Rome.

Map: San Vito Romano
Santa Severa (98)
Photo: Santa Severa

Santa Severa (IT)
28 Photos

Santa Severa is part of the municipality of Santa Marinella, in the province of Rome. It is a small sea resort on the Via Aurelia, 8 km south of Santa Marinella

Map: Santa Severa
Sperlonga (30)
Photo: Sperlonga

Sperlonga (IT)
42 Photos

Sperlonga is a coastal town about half way between Rome and Naples. Surrounding towns include Terracina to the West, Fondi to the North, Itri to the North-East, …

Map: Sperlonga
Sutri (20)
Photo: Sutri

Sutri (IT)
44 Photos

Sutri (ancient Sutrium) occupied an important position on road into Etruria, the later Via Cassia. It came into the hands of Rome after the fall of Veii

Map: Sutri
Tarquinia (83)
Photo: Tarquinia

Tarquinia (IT)
36 Photos

Tarquinia was the chief of the twelve cities of Etruria, and appears in the earliest history of Rome as the home of two of its kings, Tarquinius Priscus

Map: Tarquinia
Terracina (27)
Photo: Terracina

Terracina (IT)
56 Photos

Terracina was also called Volscian Anxur which is the name of Jupiter himself as a youth (Iuppiter Anxur or Anxurus), the tutelary god of the city. The …

Map: Terracina
Villa Adriana (99)
Photo: Villa Adriana

Tivoli (IT)
146 Photos

Tivoli, the classical Tibur, is an ancient town in Lazio, about 30 km from Rome, at the falls of the Aniene River, where it issues from the Sabine hills

Map: Tivoli
Toffia (272)
Photo: Toffia

Toffia (IT)
38 Photos

Toffia is a village in the Province of Rieti in the Italian region Lazio, located about 40 km north-east of Rome and about 25 km south-west of Rieti.

Map: Toffia
Tolfa (30)
Photo: Tolfa

Tolfa (IT)
31 Photos

Tolfa is a town of the Province of Rome. It is the main centre in the Tolfa Mountains, an extinct volcanic group between Civitavecchia and the Lake of Bracciano

Map: Tolfa
Ventotene (478)
Photo: Ventotene

Ventotene (IT)
164 Photos

Ventotene, in Roman times known as Pandateria, is one of the Pontine Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, 46 km off the coast of Gaeta right at the border between …

Map: Ventotene
Viterbo (237)
Photo: Viterbo

Viterbo (IT)
40 Photos

Viterbo is an ancient city approximately 80 km north of Rome on the Via Cassia, and it is surrounded by the Monti Cimini and Monti Volsini. The historic …

Map: Viterbo
Vitorchiano (446)
Photo: Vitorchiano

Vitorchiano (IT)
112 Photos

Vitorchiano is a village in the Latium, located about 70 km north-west of Rome and about 7 km north-east of Viterbo.

Map: Vitorchiano
Vulci (93)
Photo: Vulci

Vulci (IT)
41 Photos

Vulci is an Etruscan city which began to expand in the 8th century BC and was surrounded by a 6.5 km wall.The Ponte dell’Abbadia is a 30 m high bridge over …

Map: Vulci