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Alsace is the fifth-smallest of the 27 regions of France in land area (8,280 km²), and the smallest in metropolitan France. It is also the seventh-most densely populated region in France and third most densely populated region in metropolitan France, with ca. 220 inhabitants per km². Alsace is located on France’s eastern border and on the west bank of the upper Rhine adjacent to Germany and Switzerland.

Historical decisions, wars, and strategic politics have resulted in Alsace being administered as a “region” within the Republic of France. The political, economic and cultural capital as well as largest city of Alsace is Strasbourg. Because that city is the seat of dozens of international organizations and bodies, Alsace is politically one of the most important regions in the European Union.

List of sights

Colmar (77)

Colmar (136 photos)

Located in the heart of Alsace 60 km south of Strasbourg on the La Lauch River, Colmar is the capital of the Alsatian wines. With an average annual…

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Eguisheim (70)

Eguisheim (58 photos)

The centre of the village of Eguisheim is very picturesque and receives many tourists, as the AlsaceWine Route” passes the village. Eguisheim

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Kaysersberg (19)

Kaysersberg (18 photos)

Kaysersberg lays north-west of Colmar, on the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains. The name means Emperor’s Mountain. Kaysersberg is considered…

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Colmar (77)

Most beautiful photos of France (105 photos)

Gallery of my best photos of all over France.

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Schlumpf Collection (538)

Mulhouse (280 photos)

Mulhouse is the chief city of an arrondissement of the Haut-Rhin department. Although the city is by far the most populous in Haut-Rhin, its capital…

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Turckheim (19)

Turckheim (16 photos)

Turckheim is a village known for its Gewürztraminer wines, traditional Alsatian cuisine, and stunning surrounding scenery. Turckheim is probably…

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Wettolsheim (359) Château de Haut-Eguisheim (Three castles of Husseren-les-Châteaux)

Wettolsheim (10 photos)

Wettolsheim is a wine-growing town located in the administrative district of Haut-Rhin, 5 km south-west of Colmar, between Wintzenheim and Eguisheim

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