Saint Jean du Maroni (282) Crique Serpent
Photo: Saint Jean du Maroni, Crique Serpent

Saint Jean du Maroni
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5° 20′ 53″ N, 54° 9′ 0″ W


Saint-Jean-du-Maroni is a town in French Guiana, in the commune of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni on the Maroni River, directly opposite the Suriname Village of Bigiston.

The Maroni river flows through the commune, to which it gives part of its name. Many of its tributaries also flows the commune: Crique Sparouine (on the southern border), Crique Bastien, Crique Serpent, Crique des Cascades, Crique Awara, Crique Balaté, Crique Margot, Crique Chameau, Crique aux Bœufs Lamentins and Crique Vaches (on the northern border).


Map: Saint Jean du Maroni
Map: Saint Jean du Maroni

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