Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg) (57) Converter hall

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Lost places around the world.

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Brewery of Schönthal (2)

Brewery of Schönthal (23 photos)

The brewery building was the landmark of Schönthal.

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Brienza (50)

Brienza (78 photos)

Brienza, is a town in the southern Italian region of Basilicata.

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Craco (534)

Craco (228 photos)

Craco, an abandoned Italian village located in the region of Basilicata and the province of Matera, was called the area “Grachium” which means “from…

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Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg) (57) Converter hall

Maxhütte (Sulzbach-Rosenberg) (226 photos)

The Maxhütte, named after the Bavarian King Maximilian II Joseph, was a traditional steel mill and is today an industrial monument in …

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Romagnano al Monte (346)

Romagnano al Monte (132 photos)

Romagnano al Monte is a village at the borders of Campania with Basilicata. It was destroyed in the Irpinia earthquake of 1980 and rebuilt a few…

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Schuierer Mill (5)

Schuierer Mill (78 photos)

The mill belongs since 1874 to the Schuierer family. The Schuierer mill was enlarged significantly in 1884. Since 1982, the mill is stopped.

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Virgin Mary and St Michael Monastery (62)

Virgin Mary and St Michael Monastery (68 photos)

The Monastery consecrated to the Virgin Mary and St Michael belonged between 1250 and 1263 to the St William Hermits, and after 1263 to the …

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