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Basilicata, also known as Lucania, is a region in the south of Italy, bordering on Campania to the west, Apulia (Puglia) to the north and east, and Calabria to the south, having one short south-western coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea between Campania in the north-west and Calabria in the south-west, and a longer one to the south-east on the Gulf of Taranto on the Ionian Sea between Calabria in the south-west and Apulia in the north-east. The region can be thought of as the “instep” of Italy, with Calabria functioning as the “toe” and Apulia the “heel”. The region covers about 10,000 km² and in 2010 had a population slightly under 600,000. The regional capital is Potenza. The region is divided into two provinces: Potenza and Matera.

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Brienza (50)
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Brienza78 photos

Brienza, is a town in the southern Italian region of Basilicata.

Map: Brienza
Castelmezzano (159)
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Castelmezzano38 photos

Castelmezzano origins’ are dated to the 7th century BC. In the 19th century, it was an ideal refuge for many bandits due to its own territorial…

Map: Castelmezzano
Craco (534)
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Craco228 photos

Craco, an abandoned Italian village located in the region of Basilicata and the province of Matera, was called the area “Grachium” which means “from…

Map: Craco
Ferrandina (87)
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Ferrandina116 photos

Ferrandina is a town in the province of Matera, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata, famous for producing the highest level of quality …

Map: Ferrandina
Matera (52)
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Matera346 photos

Matera, a town in the region of Basilicata, is perched on the edge of a small canyon eroded by the Gravina. The lower Sassi (caves) district is…

Map: Matera
Melfi (11)
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Melfi7 photos

Melfi is a town in the Vulture area of the province of Potenza, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. The Castle, dominating the whole town…

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Metapontum (73)
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Metaponto32 photos

Metaponto is a small town of about 1,000 people in the province of Matera, Basilicata. Metapontum was a Greek city founded by an Achaean Colony. …

Map: Metaponto
Pietrapertosa (104)
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Pietrapertosa26 photos

Pietrapertosa is a town in the province of Potenza, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata. Pietrapertosa is inside the Park of Gallipoli

Map: Pietrapertosa
Pisticci (129)
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Pisticci52 photos

Pisticci is a town in the province of Matera known for its Rioni.

Map: Pisticci
Rivello (3)
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Rivello4 photos

Rivello is a town in the province of Potenza, in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata.

Map: Rivello

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