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Calabria, known in antiquity as Bruttium or formerly as Italia, is a region in southern Italy, forming the “toe” of the Italian Peninsula.

The capital city of Calabria is Catanzaro. The most populated city and the seat of the Calabrian Regional Council, however, is Reggio Calabria.

It is bordered to the north by the region of Basilicata, to the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea, and to the east by the Ionian Sea. The region covers 15,080 km² and has a population of just over 2 million.

In ancient times the name Calabria was used to refer to the southern part of Apulia, the peninsula of Salento (also known as the “heel” of Italy).

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Altomonte (14) Santa Maria della Consolazione
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Altomonte is a municipality in the province of Cosenza, in the region of Calabria. The city was first called Braal, then Bragalla, Bragallum, Antifluvius

Map: Altomonte
Brancaleone (15)
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Brancaleone is a municipality in the Italian region Calabria, located about 110 km south-west of Catanzaro and about 65 km south-east of Reggio Calabria

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Calabrian Landscapes (8)
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Calabrian Landscapes
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Calabria is at the very south of the Italian peninsula, to which it is connected by the Monte Pollino massif, while on the east, south and west it is surrounded …

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Gerace (10)
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Gerace is a town in the region of Calabria, Italy. Gerace is located some 10 km inland from Locri, yet the latter town and the Sea can be seen from Gerace

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Morano Calabro (44)
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Morano Calabro
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Morano Calabro is a town in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy. It inspired one of Escher’s obsessive, dreamlike architectural …

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Pentidattilo (4)
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Pentidattilo is an abandoned village in the Italian Calabria region.

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Pizzo (216)
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Pizzo is a seaport in the province of Vibo Valentia, situated on a steep cliff overlooking the Gulf of Santa Eufemia. Fishing is one of the main activities, …

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Rocca Imperiale (264)
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Rocca Imperiale
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Rocca Imperiale is a village situated on a rise about 200 m above sea level in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy. It is dominated …

Map: Rocca Imperiale
Scilla (45)
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Scilla is a town in Calabria, 22 km from the city of Reggio Calabria. It lies in front of the strait of Messina and is the traditional site of the sea monster …

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Stilo (7)
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Stilo is a town in the Calabria region of southern Italy. It is located 151 km from Reggio Calabria. At 10 km from the city is the promontory of Cape Stilo

Map: Stilo